Welcome to Glider Pilots and Flightsimmers !

Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man . . .
Landing is the first !

My passion is flying sailplanes like ASK13, Grob 103 (Twin Astir) and Pilatus B4. But also flightsimulation has my attention. I like the FS2002 from Microsoft. Further I've had a wonderful friendship with FU-III from Looking Glass Studios, but unfortunately the guys there have stopped developing new versions. Because FU-III is becoming cult to many flightsimmers, I still try to keep the FU-III links in the Links Section updated.

In the real world I've been a glider pilot for about 5 years, and I believe that there is nothing better than soaring between huge white cumulus clouds, greeting eagles and seagulls.

Also the more theoretical aspects of flying is interesting to me. You can read about Sink Rate, Stall Speed, Speed Polars and the influence from Headwind or Tailwind.

On the 'History' page you can learn how the author Richard Bach inspired me for quite some time.

But first of all, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the soaring adventures from e.g. Rødekro, Estrella and Tehachapi...

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