Microsoft FS 2002 Flightsimulator!

Hardware: RAM 512 MB,
Graphics Adapter ATI Radeon 9800XXL
and Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz

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I've been flying flight simulators from Microsoft for almost a decade, and FS 2002 is the best one until now. The graphics are really impressive. Especially the ground textures, to simulate mountains at different times of the year, are excellent.

When you look to the horizon or against the sun, everything looks terrific. Clouds are for the first time like real. You actually have a sense of being there, while you are doing VFR flying between some huge cumulus clouds.

In the past I've always preferred flying at night. Maybe because I did not see the miserable textures then. Final approaches at night were just beautiful. The runway lights were very close to reality. Only one thing annoyed me, the flickering white lights in the cities. I never understood the reason for that. It could not have been a programming problem, since orange coloured lights at the same time did not flicker. In FS 2002 final approach has become even more beautiful, at least in one sense. It seams that the programmers have used a photographic technique this time, and that is excellent. But the landing lights are not shining in the same sparkling manner as before. So concerning landing lights, I would prefer a partial recall.

I am aware though, that many of these issues are more or less trivial. I can easily imagine, that
if I had another graphics adapter, things could look different.

Another thing I dislike in all simu-
lators, are buildings in cities. For how long are they still to be stand-ing there as monuments, obvious-
ly just floating on the ground. The
problem is that they look too crisp and clear. The buildings look as were they pasted into the picture from another world. I am aware that this is exactly what they are, but would'nt it be better to find a colour pallette that looks more like the surroundings? It's ok with all the nice details in the buildings, but they should have been blurred a little, like the ground they are placed on. But maybe blurring the buildings would make the simulator even slower?


Opdateret d. 26.1.2007