Flight Unlimited III Flightsimulator!

Hardware: RAM 512 MB,
Graphics Adapter ATI Radeon 9800XXL
and Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz

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The simulators from Looking Glass Studios are quite unique. I have tried all editions, from FU through FU III, and the product was still improving. Already in the first edition I was amazed about the photorealistic land-
scapes. There were a lot of mirroring, but the sense of flying was better than in any other simulator I could think of.

Unfortunately, this nice simulator is not produced any more. There will never be any FU IV. But I am aware that many flightsimmers still swear to it. It has become legendary. Please visit the following page to see more
FU III links. Legendary FU III Links

The Grob 103 sailplane was my favorite, because I also flew that beautiful sailship in the real world. The simulations were close to real behavior. To observe this plane fly by, was like seeing a movie. So accurate and smooth. Also watching the ship going into a provoked stall was like the real thing.

Unfortunately they dropped the Grob in the following edition (FU II). Instead they introduced an intelligent ATC (Air Traffic Control). And this was really moving the sense of flying into new dimensions.

Although there might be bugs in the artificial ATC system, I have seldom experienced wrong messages.
If you do something completely unexpected, I guess that wrong advisories from the ATC staff is only 1% - 5%. But most silly pilot manoeuvres that you can ever think of, have already been taken into account. On the contrary, if you follow the given ATC advisories, you should never be exposed to any problems.

Concerning scenery accuracy, I find the simulator second to none. It is simply the best so far. From a certain altitude everything looks natural. One can really do some VFR flying. In the San Francisco area you can easily recognize streets and find your way. I was surprised to see that the Comfort Suites Hotel at East Grand Avenue, close to the San Francisco Airport, is to point out from the air. Once my wife and I stayed there for a couple of nights.


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