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Sunset at the Airport!

The pictures shown in this gallery is my personal favourites. For this reason you will see that I focus mostly on gliders and sailplanes. For some of the pictures, you will be able to select a copy with higher resolution. Just click on the image!

'Mountain High'

This picture shows that under special conditions sailplanes can climb above clouds. Even higher altitudes are possible - but take care, already from about 9800 ft (3000 m) you will need oxygen.

Zoom (80 KB) 'Looking for an Airfield'

This kind of flying is for experts. If severe downwinds occur, where will you then be able to make a safe landing?

'Get High and stay High'

Naturally you have made a flightplan well ahead. But since conditions can change completely within minutes, alternative calculations and decisions must be made continuously.

'Use the Force, Luke'

A pilot is initiating a loop. For this manoeuvre the initial speed has to be around 180 km/h (112 mph). The nearby wing looks odd due to wide-angle distortion in the camera.

Zoom (45 KB) 'ASW-24 Close Up'

An unusual view. Picture had to be taken with zoom at some distance to avoid collision. ASW-24 is a wonderful sailplane with a Glide Ratio of 44 at 57 kts.

'Loading Energy'

Two gliders gaining altitude in a thermal upwind. Normally pilots will fly opposed to each other, so they can observe movements of the other plane. At competitions there might be 20 planes or more in just one thermal.

'Wings over Arizona'

Just below is Estrella Sailport where many international competitions have been held. Richard Bach and his girlfriend Leslie Parrish flew a lot in this area.

'Towplane in Action'

A glider departs from Estrella Sailport in Arizona. It's close to Maricopa Mountains, 40 Km SW of Phoenix.

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