'Curriculum Vitae'

Back in 1938 I was born in Hostrup at Daugaard, Denmark. My father died when I was only one year of age.

In 1950 my mother and I went to Rocky Ford, Colorado, USA. Although we were offered flight tickets, we decided to travel with the polish ship 'Batory' from the Gdynia-America Line. The invitation came from Anton Nelson, an uncle to my mother. He never married and had no children to take over his Greenhouses some day. Therefore he hoped that I could be the substitute for his missing children - I guess.

Unfortunately it took 5 years to get an immigration-visa those days. So alternatively we applied for a visitors-visa, lasting for 6 months. This way we could give it a try, and see if we liked The States. And we did enjoy it! But 6 months later we had to return to Denmark, and wait for the immigration-visa.

In the meantime I met Lis, a marvellous girl, and fell in love. I forgot all about emigration to the USA.

In 1961 we got married, and while I was studying Electronics in Aarhus, Lis supported the family.

After graduation I worked with development of transistorized, fully automatic telephone exchange systems at Kirk Telephone Company in Horsens.

In 1965 I decided to try something else. I applied for a job as a lecturer in Electronics at EUC Syd (Syddansk Erhvervsakademi) in Sønderborg.

We have two boys, Carsten and Mogens. Carsten is holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics. Since March 2005 he and his wife, Mette, have been back from Greenland. He is now working at Telenor in Aalborg and Mette as a Dental Surgeon at the Aalborg University Hospital. They have a son (Ditlev) born in 2004 in Greenland.

Mogens and his wife, Solveig, are now back in Denmark and works at the SimCorp headquarters in Copenhagen. They both hold a Master Degree in Engineering. For a couple of years they were busy at the branches in Zürich and Frankfurt. They have a son (Mads) born in 1997 and a daughter (Anna) born in 2001.

Around 1983 my interests gradually changed. I got involved in Teacher Training Programmes, and I developed some training material which I called LIFT (could'nt help it), which means Learning In Future of Technology. Later I gave lessons on that issue in Denmark, Portugal, Greece and Belgium.

In 1993 I became a project manager for a new department. I was made responsible for developing international classes in Electronic Engineering. We made contacts to several British Universities, where our students were send to complete their final projects. Today 'Erhvervs Akademi Syd' receives students from all over the world, including China.

Almost at the same time I agreed in being a manager for a new academic programme in Business Administration. To some extend, it equals the international acknowledged BBA and MBA. Entry qualifications for the students were that they already held a position as directors or managers. The classes were very much tied up on 'NLP at Work' principles.

We have been living in Sønderborg, a wonderful place, for 40 years now (2005). Late 1998 I decided to retire so I could have some new challenges. I must say that I enjoy this decision very much. Lis and I like travelling, seeing places we never had the time to see before.

As you probably already know, my passion is sailplanes. But I've also been a licensed radio amateur since 1963 with the callsign OZ6LI. I have worked all continents of the world, with homebuild as well as with commercial equipment. During the last decade I was QRT, but I am now QRV again running an ICOM-746 transceiver and an FT-857D. I intend to use the two radios for satellite work, controlled by TRX-Manager and Satscape software. I've been active on the HF bands since May 2000 with SSB, RTTY and PSK31. At present I have a tuned dipole for 80 meters, a GAP Eagle vertical dipole for 10-12-15-17-20-40 meter bands and a Comet GP-3 for 2 m and 70 cm.

Unfortunately, with the overwhelming competition from the Internet today, where one can get in touch with people everywhere at anytime, it is hard to bring about much enthusiasm among younger people, concerning radio amateur work. Only when it comes to a combination between Internet and radio work, there seems to be an interesting opening. Using e.g. ECHOLINK, which is a VoIP based system combining Internet AND amateur radio, one can easily make contacts with e.g. Hobart on Tasmania or with an amateur en route to his workplace in Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Finn Helmuth Pedersen

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