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I would like to introduce you to my soaring club 'Sønderjysk Flyveklub' in Denmark. It's a private soaring club located in the southern part of the country, 30 Km from the border with Germany. It's just west of the small city, 'Rødekro', the name of which means 'RedInn'. In fact a local 'Red Inn' carrying the name of 'Røde Kro' really exists. The owners claim that the city originally was named after it!

Although the club operates with many different planes, I'm only familiar with Schleicher ASK-13, Pilatus B4 and Grob 103 Twin Astir. Go to the table below, if you would like to study their specifications and performances!

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The 'new' hangar shown above, is entirely devoted to gliders/sailplanes which all members may fly. In the background you see our Grob 103 Twin Astir.

The sailport is run as a club operation, so the hours are generally weekends and holidays only, with an occasional weekday operation.

There is a total of about 80 members in the club, but only 45 are more or less active pilots. Club owned gliders are distributed by lot in the morning. Some members though, have their own gliders. You will find those in another hangar, just behind the one in the picture above. But where is our soaring club's exact location anyway? Find out on the ICAO map below. The arrow indicates exactly where it is! If you want more details, please click on the ICAO map.

Zoom (64 KB)

Notice that we have a special problem at "Rødekro". We are neighbours to another airport with some heavyjet traffic. We are well within the TMA of that airport, and all our activities has to be reported. According to TMA data on the map, we could try to stay below 1500 MSL, but that would not be much fun, would it? Click here to see runways!

Take a closer look at our gliders!
Club owned Gliders Select Private owned Gliders Select
1 Schleicher ASK-13 ASK-13 Data 1 Schleicher Ka-2 Ka-2 Data
2 Pilatus B4 Pilatus B4 Data 1 Schleicher ASW-15 ASW-15 Data
1 Schleicher ASW-19b ASW-19b Data 1 Cirrus 75 (16m) Cirrus 75 Data
1 Grob G103 Twin Astir Twin Astir Data 1 LS1 f LS-1 Data
1 Scheibe SF-25 Falke SF-25 Data 1 Standard Libelle Libelle Data
1 Schleicher ASW-24 ASW-24 Data    
1 Schleicher ASK-21    
Speed Polars Theory (45 KB)

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